As a parts manufacturer fort he global automotive industry by using cold stamping , assembly with welding, and mold manufacturing processes:

DOSTEL commits to use competitive techniques to ensure cost efficiency in production by following rapid development of the efficient manufacturing Technologies.

DOSTEL commits to comply with solution partners and affected party requirements, customer special requirements,  legal and other prescribed conditions concerning safety, health , environment, and quality.

DOSTEL commits to comply with the established pruduction standarts, whilw providing appropriate environmental conditions adn use preventive activities and systems for removing any potential health or security risks.

DOSTEL commits to remain as a competitive supplier by continuously improving our systems and products by using only well trained and qualified labor in manufacturing.

DOSTEL commits to completely satisfy our customers and other concerned business partners.

DOSTEL commits to motivate our employees to use their full potential in teamwork while continuously improving our fabrication techniques to achieve a higner quality level in our products and processes.

DOSTEL commits to sustain our company profitability, while remaining a friendly hand extended to our customers. “CUSTOMER FIRST” is our motto.