Dostel was founded by Mr. Tarik Yucel in 1970 when it was started as a machine shop in Topkapi district of Istanbul. In 1974 Dostel continued operating in it’s own 1,800 square meter size manufacturing facility in Kartal, Istanbul. During the early 1980s it started manufacturing Jawa motorcycle, Skoda chassis and Beldesan bycycle parts which were quickly followed by all welded chassis parts for Isuzu and Ford OTOSAN commercial vehicles in 1986.

During the 1990s Dostel took large, important steps to secure a position amongst the leading companies in its line of business.  Because of the new investments in equipment, in 1990 the most complicated and sensitive dies started production in Dostel’s own tool and die making department.

By moving to a new 5,500 sq.m. D1 factory in Gebze in 1993 and by continuing series of investments Dostel also attained computer controlled fabrication production (CAD/CAM) and corresponding CMM supported measuring capabilities in response to customer requirements.

During the year 2006, in addition to its enlarging corporate structure and D1 facility, Dostel started up its 10,500 sq.meter D2 facility within the same OSB in Gebze for high capacity production by adding on several automated welding and tandem press lines.

Resultingly, because of its enlarging capital influx, capable management systems, experienced and dynamic labor in die making, steel forming/welding and assembled parts business, Dostel today has world class manufacturing capability at two company owned locations comprised of a total of 16,000 sq.m. thus meeting the high quality standards of its customers with projects in Turkey, Europe and also in the United States.

Our D2 facility within the Gebze OSB zone has all the modern lines and operational systems suitable for world class production.

Inside the sheet metal prep department rolls of steel get cut to size and readied for further handling.  By employing 100T to 1100T capacity hydraulic or mechanical presses,  those are processed into many required sizes and shapes as ordered.

The parts needing press forming are processed by tandem, progressive and transfer press lines where robotic automation techniques are employed.

Similarly, the assembled parts for which the gas influx, spot welding techniques used are completed in a streamlined fashion by 7 axis robotic mechanical welders .

 Zero failure serial productions are supported by the robotic production lines, automated bolt & nut feeder systems and control fixture usages.


In Dostel’s Quality Control department multiple measurements are conducted by computerized methods to ensure not only faultless production results but to simultaneously impart any customer directed quality control criteria.

Meanwhile the measurement and control devices are calibrated by approved outside vendors to ensure the performance demanded by high capacity, top quality production needs.

The parts from manufacturing after a final check are taken into suitably organized parts storage warehouse and packed as per the customers’ requirements before shipment. 

Thanks to a well seasoned planning, engineering and die making teams Dostel has completed many strategically important customer parts and die manufacturing projects first in Turkey then in Europe and the United States.

Die making proposals are controlled by a experienced, special crew and only the chosen, approved designs are implemented in the facility.

And the parts manufactured by such dies are always checked for dimensional conformation in the Quality Control Lab to also ensure compliance with customer specifications.

Those design approved dies, after carefully used first in controlled test presses for dimensional accuracy of any sample parts, are then released by production and quality control representatives to high speed forming operations. 

Dostel started in 2011 sheet metal forming by the use of robotics and transfer line operations. By employing experience gained in the larger chassis parts production Dostel is now also a competitive bidder within the small and complex parts group.

In our part assembly sections, Dostel also produces chassis groups, bumpers, floor and torpedo panels completely by the use of robotic technology.

In our spot and gas influx welding and transfer robot employed manufacturing lines we also use robot mounted Visual Part Checker systems to guarantee quality of our finished parts.

During the year 2013 within the Ar-Ge related work and in arge partnership with TUBITAK, patent applications and beneficial model studies were started.

Being a constantly developing, progressive company Dostel provides our employees educational opportunities and social outlets as work relief programs in line with the targeted humane management concepts.

With its increasingly progressive technological structure and by following our founder’s ideals to become a DOST-EL (meaning a “friend’s helping hand”) Dostel remains committed to continue growing fast on the path to a leadership position in Turkey’s automotive sector.